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Loaners for Owners

The McRee Ford “Loaners for Owners” progaram is designed to reward customers whose vehicle was purchased from McRee Ford and is being serviced in the McRee Ford Service Department.  While it is our desire to provide this service wherever possible, there are circumstances under which it will not apply.

If you can answer yes to the following questions, you qualify for a complimentary loaner.

* I am the owner of the vehicle being serviced and I purchased it from McRee Ford

* I am over the age of 18

* I have a valid driver’s license

* I have proof of current insurance

* My visit is not related to any QuickLane Tire and Auto Center Service,
i.e.: Oil Change, Tire Rotation, Minor Maintenance Service, State Inspection

* The service, diagnosis, or repair requires a 1-hour wait time or greater

* My vehicle is not in for collision or insurance related repairs

* My privileges have not been revoked due to non-compliance of policy

Thank you for your understanding.

We want your service experience to be exceptional!